Welcome to Emaz Beadz!

I’m Emma and I’ve been making/designing jewellery since 2014.

My skills include silversmithing, ‘costume’ jewellery as well as other crafts such as paintings, artwork and other mediums in order to incorporate gemstones.

I like to make something different, hopefully unique with my designs. There are times when these designs can be a ‘variation on a theme’ but if you look at the gallery, no two pieces are the same.

When designing, I like to go where my mood takes me – failing that, it depends on what materials I have to hand at the time!!

My aim is to provide jewellery and crafts that are fun, affordable, unique and in some cases hopefully last a lifetime.

I’m based in North Lancashire, UK so the materials that I get are from UK based suppliers.

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Etsy is an international marketplace where you can buy unique, vintage and handmade items – I’ve sold UK wide and Internationally (America and Australia).

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